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Computations in the Motor Cortex: Cortical Microcircuits, Functional Columns, and Motor Control Signals
Astrocyte-neuron signaling
Motor Learning and Adaptation
Intelligent behavior
Glial Cells in Neurodegenerative Disease
Mitochondrial permeability
Neurophysiology of cerebellum and motor cortex.
Neuroendocrinology of stress
Biological basis of sensorimotor integration.
Brain Mechanisms of Movement and Cognition; Functional Brain Biomarkers; Cortical Networks
Strategies in Visual Cortex
Somatic sensory processing, pain
Peripheral mechanisms of nociception
Structure and Function of Potassium Channels in Glia
Selective Neuromodulation
Developmental plasticity
Mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases
Abnormally aggregating proteins in cerebral brain tissues during the course of neurodegenerative disorders
Magnetocardiography studies
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Synaptic Plasticity
Unfolded Protein Response in Neurological Diseases
Central pattern generators
Developmental neurobiology
Natural Experiences and Addiction Vulnerability
Calcium Signaling and Cellular Excitability
Physiology and Neuroscience of Vision
Development of the mammalian forebrain
Physiology and function of glial cells
Neural control of cognitivo-motor behavior
Behavior, decision-making and information processing in neural systems
Modulation of striatal circuits in health and disease
Neurobiology of drug-induced plasticity and addiction
Neuropeptides and spinal neuroplasticity
Brainstem control of spinal function: methods of fluorescence microscopy
Neurotransmission of Pain
Developmental neurobiology
Neurophysiology of sensory-motor functions
Cellular mechanisms underlying hyperalgesia
Motor control neurophysiology
Alzheimer's disease and aging: animal and cellular models
Behavioral pharmacology, drug dependence, behavioral economics -- animal models
Neuronal receptor regulation, receptor coupling to second messengers, aging, Alzheimer's disease, nitric oxide
Predictors of PTSD onset and recovery including brain function, genetics, and spirituality.
Spinal Delivery of Analgesics
Molecular causes of schizophrenia and autism
Memory, Fear, and Anxiety
Biochemical pathology of inner ear disorders, effects of aging on auditory system
Central Pain and Neuroimmunological Mechanisms
Energy intake and energy expenditure
Craniofacial muscles
Neural systems and neurodevelopment.
Cochlear Anatomy Laboratory
Neural Mechanism of Pain Sensation
Neuorphysiology of motor control, Functional MRI of cognitive processes
Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy studies in cerebral function and metabolism