Undergraduate Program

The goal of Neuroscience is to understand the brain and behavior, how we perceive, move, think and remember.

neuroscienceImportant aspects of the study of behavior can be examined at the level of individual nerve cells, their properties and the ways they communicate with one another. It is also possible now to address these basic issues directly at the molecular level. Many aspects of the biological basis of behavior are studied by examining specific functions of nervous systems and the behavior they produce.

Major in Neuroscience

The Neuroscience major is designed to provide an introduction to these basic areas of investigation by emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. The major prepares undergraduates to pursue advanced studies in Neuroscience, take a position in one of the many rapidly growing areas in the pharmaceutical, medical or biotechnology industries, or pursue a professional degree in medicine or psychology.

For questions about the Neuroscience Major, contact the Director of Undergraduate studies: Dr. Lorene Lanier at lanie002@umn.edu.

Minor in Neuroscience

The neuroscience minor provides an in-depth contemporary understanding of how the nervous system functions in both health and disease. The goal of the minor is to provide instruction that will enrich the curriculum through an array of academic majors. As we will all experience the impact of nervous system disease ourselves or through family members and/or friends, instruction in this minor will offer insights into the nervous system that students can utilize throughout their lifetimes.

For questions about the Neuroscience Minor, contact Dr. Robert Meisel at meisel@umn.edu.