Mouse Behavior Core

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Michael Benneyworth, Director
Office: 612-626-7269

Tessa Nichols-Meade, Junior Scientist

The goal of the Mouse Behavior Core is to provide the highest quality assessment of the neurological status and specific behaviors in mice for investigators who use murine models to address questions about basic biology or disease in the CNS.

Our facility was established to consolidate, centralize and standardize mouse behavioral testing in order to lower the barriers to integrating behavioral studies, foster innovation, and facilitate collaboration. The Core Director is Dr. Michael Benneyworth.

mouse behavior coreThe Core provides consultation of project design, test selection and data analysis, access to and training on behavioral equipment, and full service testing performed by experienced core staff.  Following an initial consultation a PI may decide to have testing performed by dedicated, experienced Core staff or to have members of the investigator’s own lab trained to run the tests of interest.

Currently we offer support for running a wide range of tests including assays of neuromotor function (e.g. activity, coordination and gait analysis), affective behavior (anxiety, depression, addiction), and cognition (reference and working memory, instrumental and spatial navigation tasks). With two sites (Wallin Medical Bioscience Building and Jackson Hall), there are ample and highly accessible opportunities for researchers to utilize core resources to expand the scope of their investigations.