Testing Options

Neuromotor function

  • Rotarod – coordination, motor function and motor memory
  • Balance beam – coordination and balance
  • Pole test – bradykinesia
  • Wireless running wheels – home cage activity, circadian rhythms
  • Open field activity – general motor assessment, habituation
  • Digigait – Automated gait analysis
  • Grip strength

Anxiety, depression, and addiction

  • Elevated Plus Maze and Light/Dark Box – exploration based anxiety assessments
  • Stress-induced hyperthermia – physiological stress response
  • Novelty-induced hypophagia - suppression of feeding related to anxiety and depression
  • Forced Swim and Tail Suspension Tests – Behavioral despair
  • Sucrose Preference Test – Test for anhedonia
  • Social Interaction – Sociability, anxiety, and social memory
  • Behavioral sensitization – locomotor testing
  • Place conditioning – conditioned preference or aversion
  • Drug self-administration – IV or oral consumption of drug following instrumental response

Learning and memory

  • Barnes Maze – Spatial reference memory and reversal learning
  • Y/T maze – Spatial working memory
  • Novel object recognition – object memory
  • Fear conditioning – Pavlovian conditioning of fear response, fear extinction
  • Operant conditioning – Tasks based upon lever pressing or touch screen approach to obtain food reward based upon experimentally defined parameters

Visual response and pain

  • Optokinetic Response
  • Visual Cliff test
  • Von Frey test
  • Thermal nociception (Hargreave's method)
  • Advanced Dynamic Weight Bearing

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