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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. It is an interdisciplinary science that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine and allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, and psychology.  The Department of Neuroscience is committed to providing excellence in research, education, and public service.

The Department of Neuroscience is part of the University of Minnesota's Medical School. The Medical School and related healthcare professional schools are grouped under the Academic Health Center.

Department of Neuroscience News

Big Things in Small Packages: Ashe and Koob Team Up on New AD Mouse Models

The next "Big Thing" in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) prevention just might have something to do with mice!  Dr. Karen Ashe, Director of the N. Bud Grossman Center for Memory Research and Care, has been working for years to create models of AD in mice in order to study the disease in order to eventually find a cure.  Her scholarly persistence has made her a superstar in the world of AD research.  Now, with the help of new technology created by Dr. Michael Koob, Dr. Ashe is poised on the threshold of another AD breakthrough.  The collaboration between Drs. Ashe and Koob exemplifies the high standard of excellence in cross-cutting research at the University.   In addition to her scientific collaborators, Dr. Ashe credits the many donors and supporters of her research.  Read more at: http://give.umn.edu/content/hope-alzheimers-sufferers

Patrick Rothwell to Join Faculty in 2016

Dr. Patrick Rothwell has accepted an offer to join the faculty of the Department of Neuroscience in January, 2016.  Patrick received his Ph.D. from the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota in February 2010, and has been working at Stanford University  a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University in the labs of Dr. Robert Malenka and Dr. Thomas Sudhof.  We look forward to welcoming Patrick to our faculty next year!

Mike Lee Wins 2015 Carole J. Bland Faculty Mentor Award

Congratulations to Dr. Mike Lee, recipient of the Medical School’s 2015 Carole J. Bland Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award. This award was created through the generosity of Carole Bland’s family and friends, to honor her and to underscore the commitment of the Medical School to promote mentoring among the faculty. The award is meant to recognize the process by which faculty serve as role models for each other, promoting the professional development of others and creating a supportive, positive working environment. More on the award under Faculty Affairs at http://hub.med.umn.edu

Georgopoulos Awarded 2015 Bernstein Prize

The International Society of Motor Control has elected Dr. Apostolos Georgopoulos as the recipient of the 2015 Bernstein Prize. The Bernstein Prize is the highest award of the Society. It is presented at each biennial meeting to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the understanding of motor control as reflected in the spirit of Nikolai Alexandrovich Bernstein. The nomination process was supervised by the Vice-President and Awards Chairman of the Society, and the final selection was made by a vote of the Executive Committee and past Bernstein Prize awardees. The prize will be awarded at the next meeting of the ISMC, Progress in Motor Control X, which will be held between July 22-25, 2015, in Budapest, Hungary.

Source:  Brain Sciences Center http://brain.umn.edu

Miller Receives NIH/NEI R21 for D-Serine Release

Kudos to Dr. Robert Miller, Professor of Neuroscience, for a recent National Eye Institute R21 award for a project titled, The Cell Types and Mechanisms of D-Serine Release in the Postnatal Mouse Retina. The two-year grant award goes to 2016.